Q + A

What do I get when I subscribe?

Quarterly Leadership Workshops, 20 Formation Nights (In 5 four part series), our Annual Retreat Package, mentorship, customization of Base Model as well as a customized Tecum Logo Package. For more info check out our 'Subscriptions' page.


When are subscriptions open? 

JANUARY 2021! Join our mailing list for more up to date info! 


How much is this going to cost?

We have 2 package options, Basic and Pro. Basic costs $750 per year and Pro costs $1,250 per year + travel costs. For more info, check out our 'Subscriptions' page.


What are the requirements on me/ my parish?  

You need a pastor who is on board with starting/ transitioning your young adult ministry, a designated volunteer dedicated to running the TECUM model of young adult ministry, and a year subscription! 


Is there any way to apply for a scholarship? 

Finding sponsors is a great way to have the people of your parish be invested. If you are truly unable to find funding, we may be able to help.


Why aren’t you doing this at the regional level? 

We find that starting at the parish level helps grow tight knit community and help draw people to Christ through their local parish. We do hope to have more regional events (retreats) in the future.