Fall is coming, and the seasons changing always sends me pondering. Something about the anticipation mixed the promises of cooler weather and holidays to look forward to set me reflecting and praying. 

With my morning cup of coffee, I water the plants on our patio and note they are a bit withered from the hot, humid summer days. They reflect the state of my soul of late, a bit crisp and brown, anxious for a refresh. 

The last six months have been challenging. On top of all the current crisis, I left my job, started a nonprofit, had some health challenges and took care of family and friends that needed respite.

Looking back, I can see God’s hand; quitting my dream job left me open to care for family and friends, and was further confirmed when I found out layoffs happened and knew one way or another, that job was over for me. 

But spending time ignoring myself and caring for others has left me feeling dry. I’ve forgotten to water my soul, instead choosing just to pour what little I had out for others. I need grace more than ever.

It’s a good reminder that I cannot rely on my own strength. Christ’s grace is sufficient, but I must first come sit at His feet. Taking a pause and resting, even when I have housework nagging and deadlines looming, I find His grace is as refreshing to me as the fresh hose water is to my withering plants. 

And, after a moment, even just 15 minutes with the Lord this morning, the grace and water perk up my soul, and I am ready for a new day.

How are you in need of grace today? What is one way you can take time to sit at the Lord’s feet and be refreshed? 

Pax Tecum!


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